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Untape is a vibrant and open online community that encourages discussion. To create a safe and harassment-free space for discussion, we’ve established these terms of use. When you register and use Untape (the site) you agree to abide by these terms, which may be updated from time to time.

To get a better sense of what you should or shouldn’t do on this site, please read the Community Guidelines.

The material posted on Untape does not represent the views of BACI, SOFF, Vancouver Foundation, their members, Board of Directors or staff. This site is a public forum and the opinions contained on the site are strictly those of the registeredusers who create and upload content. This site is for public discussionpurposes only and BACI is under no obligation to make any changes
suggested by users of this site.

Information Collected On This Site
Any information collected, used or disclosed by us will be in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
For the purposes of this site, certain information such as your
username, password, real name and email address are required for
registration. Any other information you submit to develop your profile
is optional. We may collect information about your computer, including
your IP address and browser/platform set up so we can understand the
kinds of people who use this site. For each user, Untape logs
access times, session lengths, and IP addresses.

We collect an email address to confirm your registration on the
site. We won’t use your email address to contact you for marketing
purposes. We might also contact you by email to discuss content that
has been flagged as offensive, to award prizes, or to discuss technical
issues and best practices (for example, we may contact you if your
postings somehow affect the way our site functions).

We will not sell your information or share it with third parties for
marketing purposes. Only in exceptional circumstances, such as when
required by law, will we disclose your personal information externally.

Site Content
Untape is a public forum that features
content generated by its users. Content contributed by users of
Untape is not subject to any formal verification process, and as
such we cannot guarantee its utility or vouchsafe any statements of
fact contained therein.

Comments or opinions expressed on the site are those of their
respective contributors only. The views expressed by outside
contributors do not represent the views of BACI, its management, or
employees. BACI is not responsible and disclaims any and all liability
for the content of postings and comments written by outside
contributors to the site.

All content published on Untape.com will be publicly available, but
subject to the terms and conditions of our Creative Commons license.
This includes text, photos and images, audio files and video files.
This information may be shared by the members of this community and
reproduced elsewhere, in accordance with the Creative Commons license.
The content will also be shared via RSS feeds. As a general rule, you
shouldn’t post anything that you don’t want to be shared publicly.

This site is moderated by an Online Community Moderator who reserves
the right to exercise editorial control over posted content. By
submitting a comment to the site, you understand and agree that we may
post your comment in its entirety, in an edited version, or not at all.
Any editing will be done primarily for purposes of clarity, length or
deletion of offensive, inappropriate, or potentially defamatory

Content deemed to be offensive according to the Community Guidelines
will be subject to removal. Additionally, if your posting is flagged as
offensive by any member of the community, it will be removed from the
site and subject to review by the site moderator. If it’s deemed to be
in accordance with the Community Guidelines it will be republished,
otherwise it will remain unpublished from the site. Registered users
whose posts regularly contravene the Community Guidelines may be
restricted from future use of the site.

You represent and warrant that content posted by you on the site
will not defame, compromise the trade secrets or confidential
information of, or violate the copyright or other intellectual property
rights of, any third party.

We may sometimes link to outside websites that are related to the
site discussion and that we believe may be of interest to you. These
links are not provided for the purposes of marketing or advertising,
and we are not responsible for the content or practices of other
websites. BACI receives no compensation for posting any external links
on Untape. We do not endorse any other website that site users may
refer to or link to in their posts.

You represent and warrant that any postings you make to the site
will not contravene any applicable law. Should any content or postings
contravene any applicable law, BACI may be required to pass on details
to the relevant authorities.

You agree not to use this site to distribute any computer viruses or
computer code designed to disrupt the servers or computer equipment
used to host or operate the site itself, or any computer used by a
member of the community to access the site.

You agree not to use the site for any unsolicited advertising, spam,
junk mail, chain letters, pyramid schemes or any other solicitation.

We are not responsible for the security of any postings you submit
to the site, nor any damages that result from the content you publish
to the site.

To contact BACI directly, visit www.gobaci.com, or send us an email.

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