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Check out this hot hints and tips website for all things Disney.  The site owners have links to travel agents and travel sites, but the information is FREE.  The site is updated regularly and might be the place to start planning your trip to the Magic Kingdom.  This site and its links could easily take the place of that expensive Disney guidebook you were thinking of purchasing! 

This site is updated regularly (June 2012)

Travelling by bus in BC and Canada?


Pacific Coach Lines (travel between Victoria, Vancouver and Whistler) has a limited number of wheelchair lift equipped coaches in its fleet. For passengers who require service with the wheelchair lift equipped coach reservations must be made AT LEAST 48 hours in advance of the trip to guarantee accessible service. For Health and Safety reasons motorized scooters cannot be loaded, unloaded or securely fastened within the baggage bays.

For passengers who use mobility aids but are able to board the coach with some assistance and store their mobility aid under the coach, phone Pacific Coach Lines at least 24 hours before departure to request assistance and be at the depot no less than 30 minutes prior to departure for boarding.

For more detailed information on these services, please contact customer service:

1-800-661-1725 (toll free) or 604-662-7575


GREYHOUND BUS LINES  (travel across BC, Canada and the US) allows some people with disabilities and their attendant to ride together for the price of one ticket. This applies only on regular fares, not specials. Most depots have accessible washroom facilities and attendants to assist people in wheelchairs.
Check Greyhound’s web site for current policy as each type of disability (hearing, mobility etc) have diffent eligibility requirements and accomodations.

Greyhound suggests you call their information line to check on the current rules.
Fare and schedule information in Canada
1-800-661-TRIP (8747)

1-800-397-7870 5:00 a.m. – Midnight

Driving the Golden Gate in San Francisco


If you happen to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco whether it is to just say you did it, or to see the city from the other side, keep in mind that when you return back into the city, you will have to pay a toll to cross the bridge again.

However, if you are travelling with at least one other companion, make sure you take the HOV lane, as car pooling means you don’t have to pay the $5 (could be more now..). Yes, FREE! But, if you take the wrong toll lane, regardless of how many people are in your car, they will charge you the toll. 

So, don’t rush and look for the car pooling sign. It will save you money!

Disneyland: Go to the front of the line!


You may be able to "bypass" lines at Disneyland when you are accompanying a person with a disability.  Every disability has different rules and they may be very different from when you last visited the Magic Kingdom ten years ago. 

Check out: Disneyland Guest Services California

DisneyWorld Guest Services Florida

so that you know what to expect when you travel to Disneyland.