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Updated T2201 (Disability Tax Credit Application form) now has “Diagnosis”


If your applications for the disability tax credit has been turned down in the past (for you or a family member) you might want to try to apply again.  The application form, the T2201 which is filled in by your doctor was updated in Jan 2010 to include a section on diagnosis, which was not included in the past versions of this form.

Find the on-line form here: 

Know the ‘certified in writing’ requirements for medical expense claims


Many of the medical expenses listed in RC4064 and on the CRA website require ‘certification in writing’ and that requirement is not published by CRA.

Find those requirements directly in the Income Tax Act, available for free on the Justice website or link to those sections thru the useful links to S. 118.2(2) and Regulation 5700 found on my website on the useful links page tab on the left at