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Burnaby Village Museum Free in 2012


(Updated June 2012)  For 2012, the Burnaby Village Museum & Carousel is celebrating both
the carousel’s and the interurban tram’s 100th year.To celebrate, the
City of Burnaby invites all to enjoy free gate admission. Carousel rides
are only $2.30 per ride for all ages.

Visit the website for hours:


Get help filing your return


Get help filing your tax return:

If you qualify for the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program and have a simple tax situation, a trained volunteer will help you complete your income tax and benefit return.

To maintain an individual’s eligibility for the RDSP they must file a tax return.

To receive your GST rebate, you must file a tax return.

For more information, go to:

For clinics in BC Click on the LINK to Volunteer Tax Preparation Clinics.

Free energy saving kit for low-income households


Are you a BC Hydro customer? Do you live in a low-income household? If so, you may be eligible to receive a free energy saving kit from BC Hydro.

Their free energy saving kit for low-income households offers a variety of simple ways to help you save energy. By reducing how much energy you use every day, you can reduce how much you have to pay for heat and electricity. The tools in the kit will also increase the comfort of your home and help reduce our overall impact on the environment.

What’s in the kit?

The kit contains a number of simple, easy-to-install energy saving products including:

  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). CFLs use up to 75% less energy than regular light bulbs. They can also last up to 10 years.
    • Have a question about the safety of using or disposing CFLs? Visit our CFL tips page to watch videos and find out more information on these energy-saving bulbs.
  • Weatherstripping to put around your windows and doors and help keep out drafts. (You can find videos on draft proofing on our tips page.)
  • Fridge and freezer thermometers to help you set your refrigerator and freezer at an ideal temperature where your food stays cold, but you’re not wasting any extra energy.
  • A low-flow showerhead that uses significantly less water than a standard showerhead.
  • For a full list of the products included in the Energy Saving Kit and how to use the products, download a copy of the Energy Saving Kit instruction manual [PDF, 1.8 Mb].

Family Wellness Fair – Saturday, October 24th


The Family Wellness Fair features a “Lunch and Learn” for individuals in the disability community, their families, friends and caregivers, with esteemed motivational speaker/performer David Roche.  Following the luncheon, we will hold the information/vending booth part of the day.  The goal of the Family Wellness Fair is to provide information about services and products that assist people to achieve physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.  We are inviting a variety of large and small businesses, community service providers, and alternative health care providers to attend the fair and provide information about their products and/or services. 

Presenters Include:

  • 3H Craftworks 
  • Burnaby Hospital Foundation
  • Burnaby Public Library
  • Canadian Cancer Society
  • Canadian Diabetes Society
  • Canadian Red Cross – Equipment Loans Program
  • CBI Consultants
  • CNIB
  • Dignity Home Care
  • Family Support Institute
  • The Grape Box
  • Hardman Acupuncture & TCM Clinic
  • Isagenix
  • Nurse Next Door
  • Shepell-fgi
  • Soup ‘n Stuff
  • Special Olympics, Burnaby
  • St. John Ambulance

There will be door prizes from Active Life Health Clinic, Butterfly Yoga, Westcoast School of Massage Therapy, and Heart Centre Yoga.  Onsite childcare is available. 

If you wish to attend the free Lunch & Learn RSVP by Thursday, October 22nd to

If you require childcare during the event, you must RSVP by Monday, October 19th to

Free Tax Preparation for low-income families


Free Tax Preparation for low-income famlies:

The CRA has an on-line list of Volunteer Tax preparation clinics and two local sites are  listed below:

1.  The B.C. ACORN Centre has now opened its free tax preparation service for low-income and working families in Metro Vancouver. To book an appointment for your FREE 2009 tax preparation, call the New West office or visit ACORN’s website.

    36 Begbie St.
    New Westminister, BC V3M 3L9
    Phone: 604-522-8706
    Fax: 604-522-8780

    2.  MOSAIC is offering free tax-preparation every Tuesday and Wednesday at their Burnaby office unitl April 28th.  You MUST make a reservation, call MOSAIC Burnaby at 604.636.4712 and ask for Angel.

    The offices are located at 

    7297 Kingsway
    Burnaby, B.C. V5E 1G5

    Phone:  604.636.4712
    Fax: 604 636 4729