What do I do to Protect my Privacy with WCB?


Did you know that if the WCB (WorkSafe BC) requests your medical files they will see all of your medical information even if it is not relevant to your workplace injury. Make sure that you tell your doctor to white out all information that is not relevant. After all, does WCB really need to know about you most intimate details (sexual dysfunction, mental health issues, etc) to assess a broken ankle? Be firm with your doctor and insist that this be done.

What do I do if I get hurt at work?


Protect yourself and fill out the "Worksafe BC" form 7 within 24 hours. WCB has strict timelines and you should pay attention to these if you stand any chance of having the claim accepted – many are denied. 

Top 5 things to do if you get hurt at work.

1. Report it to your supervisor as soon as possible.
2. Fill out a WCB Form 7. Be clear and careful about what you put on the form. You can get the form from your employer or fill it out online.
3. Go to the doctor immediately.
4. Secure witnesses.
5. Call your union or the Worker’s advisor for advice.