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Need access to your family member’s tax records?


You can have the ability to access the tax records of your family member with a disability to instantly find out whether they took advantage of all their credits/deductions or even if they did their taxes last year.

The Consent Form is called Authorizing a Representative (T1013) and can be found at: 

A person can have more than one consent form on their account so don’t worry if your family member has already authorized a tax preparation firm to represent them with the CRA.

You will be asked whether you want Level 1 or Level 2 authorization.  Level 2 allows adjustments to be made to returns so request Level 2 if you think you may need to make changes.

Also, make sure you and your family member are signed up for instant on-line access to your CRA account.  It is called an E-Pass and it takes about a week for the paperwork to go through the system, but you will never have to sift through a pile of old paperwork looking for your RRSP limit again!  Find the application form for an E-Pass at: 


Representation Agreements


Having a Representation Agreement in place has made day-to-day matters for my handicapped loved one so much easier to manage. 

This had included dealing with systems and processes such as:  government offices, civil legal, medical, financial, housing, applications, etc.

It is easy to put in effect and affordable.   We would recommend it to any family who has a loved one with a disability or senior citizen. 

For further information contact:

Representation Agreement & Resource Centre (RARC) or Nidus Registry, 411 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver, BC   V6B 1X4

Phone:  (604) 408-7414




RDSP and Representation Agreements


My 26 year old son has opened up an RDSP with BMO.

We were told that BMO’s Legal Dept. does not recognize

Representation Agreements. From  PLAN I understand that

this is not uncommon. We were able to set it up by going

into the branch for every step. We found the BMO branch 

at Brentwood Mall in Burnaby to be very helpful.

Opening a Registered Disability Savings Plan for an adult family member


Many people will be able to open and manage their own Registered Disability Savings Plans.  Some people, however, will have difficulty doing it on their own.  You can open an RDSP on behalf of an adult family member if you are their legal representative.

Fortunately for British Columbians we have representation agreements, which are tailor made for this.  A representation agreement is a legal tool by which people, including those who might not be deemed to have legal capacity, can designate people to assist them with their financial affairs.  You can get more information about representation agreements at the Nidus Personal Planning Resource Centre (   PLAN will also be offering a web-based course to assist you to do a representation agreement in March (

In other parts of Canada, the solution is not so clear.  We are seeking solutions that will enable family members to assist adults with disabilities (who might not have legal capacity) to open a plan without applying for adult guardianship.  We’ll post updates as we find solutions on so check back often or sign up for free updates.