Top 10 ICBC Tips


Are you dealing with ICBC? Remember, they are professionals who deal with ICBC issues every day. Moreover, they are not acting in your best interests even though they are friendly and helpful so keep this in mind when you first pick up the telephone to call them.

1. Be prepared and calm when you call them. Make a list of what you want to say.

2. Remember, that your statement can and will be used against you so be careful what you say. Be clear and concise.

3. Make sure that your statement accurately states what happened and that you agree with it.

4. Don’t be in a hurry, especially if you have an injury. It may take months to clearly understand the impact of the injury on your life. Be detailed when you list your injuries. Generally speaking, the sooner you settle a claim, the less compensation you receive.

5. Collect and safeguard the evidence. Pictures, documents, witnesses, etc.

6. Keep a diary if you have been injured. Chronicle your daily aches and pains and the limits on your daily activities. A diary helps to keep track of the extent of your injuries as time marches on and memories fade.

7. ICBC will be notified every time you visit your doctor regarding your injuries.

8. ICBC will conduct surveillance on you, both in person and on the internet. So be careful what you do and what you say online (Facebook, etc). Moreover, they will talk to your friends, neighbors and acquaintences. So give them a heads up.

9. When dealing with ICBC use the internal review process and speak to a manager. Don’t be afraid to go up the hiearchy. 

10. Visit because they have a great deal of information on how to be a good self-advocate when dealing with ICBC.

ICBC and Chiropractors


ICBC has embarked on a pilot project that allows for people injured in an accident to get up to $900 treatment. Problem is that ICBC now requires the chiropractor to release your medical files that they can use against you if you end up in court.

So the tip here is… instruct your chiropractor to black out information that is not pertinent to your current injury and watch him while he does it.