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Summer Camps, Summer Activities


BACI Summer Teen Program

The Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion runs a Summer Teen Program. Email for more details.

The Summer Teen Program offers cool, full-day adventures for youth with disabilities. The program is a Ministry of Children and Family Development funded service for Teens aged 13 to 18 who live in Burnaby and New Westminster.  Please see THE FLYER from 2012 for more information.

Day Camps:

The first place to look is your local Parks and Recreation department.  Every City and Municipality in the lower mainland has both segregated and inclusive programs for children with special needs.  Don’t forget that you can choose to have your child
included in typical summer programs with either paid or volunteer support people.  Including your child in a typical program will give you much more flexibility than restricting yourself to only segregated or specialized programs.  If your child is already happy in an arts, sports or recreation program in your community check out the summer camp options for that program as soon as possible.  Summer camps fill up fast!

Think about using a camp near where you work rather than where you live.  It might be easier to drop off and pick up en-route to your workplace.  Cities and Municipalities have their recreation programs on-line so it is much easier to research your options.

Burnaby:   Visit the CHILDREN’S CAMPS page for information on policies for  support and accessibility as well as the Activity Guide.  Also see the  Leisure Guide for all spring/summer programs.

Vancouver:    Visit the ACCESS PROGRAMS page for policies and programs.  This page also links to children/youth and adult programs – see links on left side of page

Tri-Cities & New Westminster:  Summer recreation program information and support options will be available in late May.

Overnight Camps: 

The big daddy of overnight camps is EASTER SEALS CAMPSThey have been around a long time and are well resourced with well-trained staff.  There are only a few weeks available since each “week” is specialized in age and disability.  You can request that your child shares a room with the friends they made the year before and many children make life-long friends at summer camp.  The big draw for Easter Seals is that it is FREE.

is a high quality overnight camp.  Weeks are sponsored by organizations
or there are weeks targeting specific disabilities.  This camp can be
expensive but don’t forget that many disability organizations have
campership programs to help finance your child’s camp experience.

HINT:  Make
sure you join the organization that represents your child’s disability
in British Columbia.  You may find that they sponsor disability-specific
camps or offer camperships to families to help finance a camp

Links to some Resource sites:

 The BC Camping Association (BCCCA):  This is a site for accredited summer day and overnight camps with a good search engine.  BC CAMPING ASSOCIATION

 Autism Community Training (ACT):  Some good camp listings for both typical children and children with special needs, see   SUMMER CAMP RESOURCES  

 Vancouver Parks and Recreation:  Access Services RESOURCES AND LINKS

Need help with shoveling snow? Find a Snow angels program


Need help clearing the snow?  Burnaby has a SNOW ANGELS program,  Or would you like to be a snow angel for your neighbors?  You can register at the Burnaby SNOW ANGELS site.

You can also find Snow Angel programs in other municipalities by just Googling Snow Angel and your city name.

How to get a business license


A municipal business license must be obtained by any business, regardless of its size, where it is based (e.g. in the home or in a commercial space), or how frequently it engages in active sales (e.g. seasonal businesses).  The license is obtained at the Municipal or City Hall in which the business operates. Prices vary by municipality and the scope of the venture, but generally, small businesses can expect to pay approximately $140 annually for a business license.

Save Money on your Property Taxes


Did you know that if you are a property owner and if you have a permanent disability or if you are the spouse or relative of a person with a permanent disability who resides in your home, you may be eligible for the additional Home Owner Grant of up to $275.00.

When completing your Home Owner Grant be sure to indicate if you are eligible for the added grant by making a check next to box 2 (c) or 2 (d);

2(c) I am designated as a person with disabilities, and receiving disability assistance, hardship assistance or a supplement, under the BC Employment and Assistance for Persons with Disabilities Act; documents required OR

2(d) I am a person with disabilities, or am the spouse or relative of a person with disabilities, and the person with disabilities resides with me and I have provided the collector with the required Form B Certificate; documents required

For more information contact your local municipal tax department or:

Join a Committee and be Pro Active!


Having a daughter in a wheelchair meant going over or around so many curbs without the curb cuts in them, not being satisfied with the change facilities or the pool chairs at the various pools in Bby., disgruntled at the taxi services and other accessibility issues made me volunteer for the Access Advisory Committee for the City of Burnaby.  This committee addresses not just people with physical disabilities issues, but also the hard of hearing and the sight impaired population as well.  I have learned a great deal by being on this committee and feel that anyone can volunteer to be on so many committees to make an improvement in the lives of people with disabilities.

1.  Join a committee as you never know what impact you may have by sharing your own personal experiences.

2.  Don’t just complain, do something about it by joining a committee.  It’s surprising how much you are able to contribute!

Addressing a Complaint


Instead of just complaining or putting up with something you are unhappy about, make suggestions for improvement.  Our daughter was enrolled in a Bby. Parks and Recreation program for adults on Thursday evenings at her local community centre.  The activities were very inappropriate for their age and an insult to their abilities.  I made several suggestions on different types of activities they could engage in that were more suitable.  I went a step further and volunteered to do a Chinese New Year "stations approach" with them.  They went from station to station cooking, making lanterns, doing Chinese calligraphy etc.  The leaders have come on board with so many new activities as well as the participants being happier and not just filling in time.

1.  Make suggestions instead of just complaining and being unhappy

2.  If still no improvement is seen, write to the leader of the Bby. Parks and Rec. co-ordinator of Special Needs programming.

3.  If still not satisfied, write to one of the Parks commissioners.

Burnaby Parks and Recreation Credit Program

Did you know that there is a Burnaby Recreation Credit Program run by Burnaby Parks & Recreation Department. If you are in financial need you may qualify. I know that a person needs a Ministry of Employment and Income Assistance Form filled out by their Financial Aid Worker. To contact MEIA call (604) 320-2227 or visit the office @101-4946 Canada Way, Burnaby.