Local transportation

Taxi Vouchers to the Hospital and Doctor if you are Social Assistance


Individuals and families on social assistance may receive a free taxi voucher for taxi service to a medical appt. , emergency room or walk-in clinic for service that is urgent but does not require an ambulance. Call 1-800-660-3194 or

1-800-663-9122 for more information. 

Parking Tickets


So.. you pull over in a no stopping zone to wait for someone and an officer approaches you to give you a ticket for stopping in a no stopping zone. One fool-proof excuse you could use is, "gee officer I had something in my eye and I had to pull over in the interest of safety."

This cheeky monkey thinks that no JP would make you pay a ticket that came about because you are interested in the well-being of others. An officer would know this and would be hard-pressed to issue a ticket under these circumstances. You would probably get a warning. 



Most tires have a recomended expration date of 6 years. Sometimes retailers sell tires past their expiration date. To check the date look for a four or three number sequence eg. 3502 or 4796. This give you the week and year of manufacturing. Fo instance 3502 means the tire was made in the 35th week of 2002 and 4796 means the 47th week of 1996. The older the tire the drier the rubber. Check out the video.

Subject: Check Your Tires – Very Interesting and something everyone should know. It will play right after the ad.

This  is very important.   Please watch the  video. the good info is at the end     



Private Parking Lot Tickets


I am a very cheeky monkey so I have never paid my parking lot tickets administered by private companies. You see, they really don’t have the legal authority to write a bylaw ticket. That authority is only given to a municipality or a government agency.

Impark and others are private companies working on private property. The can only rely on the Law of Trespass or the Law of Contract. And while they threaten with both these laws the reality is they do not want to go to court because the argument is weak. Yes, they will send it to collection. But my tip is… tell them to take you to court. They’ll back off just like when I invited them to take it to court.

The downside is that you cannot park on their lot until you get a new licence plate.

Savings for People with Disabilities on Translink


People with disabilities can apply for a HandyCard that is set a a concession fare price. To find out more go to Translink’s Accessibility webpage.

There you can find out more about the program and download the application form.