What if I am a Victim of Crime?


If you are a victim of crime and if you have been injured you may be eligible for benefits under the Victims of Crime Act. The following benefits may assist the victim to recover from the injuries they have received:

# medical or dental services or expenses
# disability aids
# vocational services or expenses
# repair/replacement of damaged or destroyed personal items (not stolen property)
# vehicle modification or acquisition for disabled victims
# maintenance for a child born as a result of the prescribed offence
# lost earning capacity
# prescription drug expenses
# counselling services or expenses
# protective measures, services or expenses for high risk victims
# home modification, maintenance or moving expenses
# homemaker, childcare or personal care services or expenses
# income support
# transportation and related expenses

Our family has been touched by crime and the benefits from this program has been instrumental in recovery. As with all Government entities, attention must be paid to ensuring that all forms are completed and the right information gets to the decision makers.For more information go to the Crime Victim’s website.

Parking Tickets


So.. you pull over in a no stopping zone to wait for someone and an officer approaches you to give you a ticket for stopping in a no stopping zone. One fool-proof excuse you could use is, "gee officer I had something in my eye and I had to pull over in the interest of safety."

This cheeky monkey thinks that no JP would make you pay a ticket that came about because you are interested in the well-being of others. An officer would know this and would be hard-pressed to issue a ticket under these circumstances. You would probably get a warning. 

Legal Fees


Some lawyers are known to have the ability to magically create a 30 hour day when it comes to charging for legal fees. Before you get a lawyer to agree to represent you make sure you know how many billable hours will be involved and how much an hour they will charge. Get an estimate in writing.

If you are entering into a contingency agreement remember you can negotiate the terms. Lawyers will charge anywhere from 35% to 20% of what is recovered. Work into the deal a lower percentage if the matter is settled and they don’t have to go to court. After all they did not have to do the full amount of work. Remember, this is a business deal – you don’t have to feel grateful for them just doing their job. Also, know that you can have a legal bill "taxed" which means that it is reviewed by the court for fairness. Often, a lawyer’s bill will magically be lowered so as to obviate the need for "taxing" by the Court.

How to Instruct a Lawyer


This cheeky monkey has had a lifetime of exposure to lawyers but what can you do? Sometimes life brings us lawyers…What I learned was that it is important to remember that you are the boss when you hire a lawyer. They are your agent and not your friend. They get paid no matter what. It is a business arrangement. Yes, they are the
experts when it comes to the law(somewhat)but it is your life that is affected
by the legal action. Ask the tough questions and make sure your interests are represented so that you get what you want. Ask for
their advice, do your own research and then make up your own mind. When you want to tell your lawyer what to do… say, "I am instructing you to…. Better yet, do it in writing and use those words to preface your sentence. They must follow your directions or quit. At least you are in the driver seat.

Private Parking Lot Tickets


I am a very cheeky monkey so I have never paid my parking lot tickets administered by private companies. You see, they really don’t have the legal authority to write a bylaw ticket. That authority is only given to a municipality or a government agency.

Impark and others are private companies working on private property. The can only rely on the Law of Trespass or the Law of Contract. And while they threaten with both these laws the reality is they do not want to go to court because the argument is weak. Yes, they will send it to collection. But my tip is… tell them to take you to court. They’ll back off just like when I invited them to take it to court.

The downside is that you cannot park on their lot until you get a new licence plate.