Housing and Rental Tips

S.A.F.E.R.- Shelter aid for elderly renters


Government rental subsidy for low income seniors 55 and over.



for help to apply contact Frank Jetha at 604-298-1085

Need Information? Check out the Red Book Online


The Red Book online is a compendium of human services available in the lower mainland of British Columbia. Check it out, it is chock full of information.

What if I am having trouble with my landlord?


You do have some rights. First, check out the BC Government’s Residential Tenancy Branch website. There is lots of good information there about the procedures for dealing with disputes.

If you need help with advocacy you could call the Tenant and Resource & Advisory Centre (TRAC)


Save Money on your Property Taxes


Did you know that if you are a property owner and if you have a permanent disability or if you are the spouse or relative of a person with a permanent disability who resides in your home, you may be eligible for the additional Home Owner Grant of up to $275.00.

When completing your Home Owner Grant be sure to indicate if you are eligible for the added grant by making a check next to box 2 (c) or 2 (d);

2(c) I am designated as a person with disabilities, and receiving disability assistance, hardship assistance or a supplement, under the BC Employment and Assistance for Persons with Disabilities Act; documents required OR

2(d) I am a person with disabilities, or am the spouse or relative of a person with disabilities, and the person with disabilities resides with me and I have provided the collector with the required Form B Certificate; documents required

For more information contact your local municipal tax department or:


Who Do I Call if I Need Something Custom Made to Help With My Ability?

The Tetra Society can custom make things for you if you are physically disabled to assist you with your ability. Volunteer retired engineers design assistive devices to help with activities of daily living.  They charge for the materials if they cannot find a specific item, but do not charge for labour. 

People in Need: Free Stuff on Craigslist


Did you know that there is tons of free stuff on Craigslist? Check out this link when you need something but the wallet is empty. Really it is recycling that is win/win.

Where to access financial help for rent in BC


The Rental Assistance Program through BC Housing provides eligible low-income, working families with cash assistance to help with their monthly rent payments.

To qualify, families must have a gross household income of $35,000 or less, have at least one dependent child, and have been employed at some point over the last year.

  • The maximum income level has been increased to $35,000
  • The maximum rent ceiling has been increased
  • The maximum benefit has been increased
  • There is a minimum benefit amount of $50/month or $600/year
  • Families whose youngest children are over 19 may now still qualify for the program, if the child is under 25 and enrolled in full-time attendance at school, university or vocational institution or if the child of any age is acccepted as a dependent for income tax purposed to mental or physical infirmity.

For more information on the Rental Assistance Program, call BC Housing at 604-433-2218, or 1-800-257-7756 outside the Lower Mainland. Email inquiries can be sent to Applicantinquiries@bchousing.org