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Check out this hot hints and tips website for all things Disney.  The site owners have links to travel agents and travel sites, but the information is FREE.  The site is updated regularly and might be the place to start planning your trip to the Magic Kingdom.  This site and its links could easily take the place of that expensive Disney guidebook you were thinking of purchasing! 

This site is updated regularly (June 2012)

Get the BC Ferries disability discount


If you are a resident of British Columbia and have a permanent disability, reduced fares are available (this applies to passenger fares only).  
To receive them, you must present your BC Ferries Disabled Status Identification (DSI) card.  
Please call BC Ferries for details or you can download the Information for Passengers with Special Needs Brochure (application included).

Passengers requiring the use of an "overheight" vehicle equipped with a mechanical wheelchair lift or ramp may travel for the same cost as an "underheight" vehicle (or car) with or without a DSI card. Please inform the ticket agent of your vehicle’s special status.

An escort (one only) traveling with a person with a disability is eligible for the disabled rate.  The escort must be traveling in the same vehicle as the person with a disability.  Escorts accompanying seniors with a disability traveling on a senior’s free day must pay full fare.

Legal information made easy!


Check out this new website, Clicklaw, for all British Columbians.  You can access guides, information sheets and a legal advocate directory.  There is a special topic area for disability that can help you understand your rights to medical care, disability benfits and income assitance. 

There are tons of resources here, for example, in the learn and teach section you can find a link to a video for children to help them understand divorce.

Remember: Review your own needs!


Although, there does not seem to be an "official" policy in place about yearly reviews for PWD benefits, it appears that people are no longer being asked to come into the Ministry offices every year to prove they are still disabled.

While this is mostly a GOOD thing you must remember that as your health or living situations change, you may be eligible for an additional  supplement or benefit.  Even if you are not being asked to attend an office to do a yearly review, take the time to review your own needs.  It might be time to visit your local MEIA office and ask for a reveiw.

Toys R Us Catalogue for Children with Exceptional Learning Needs


This is a good place to start when you are thinking about purchasing a  toy for a child with exceptional learning needs.  You might find just the right thing or it might give you some inspiration or ideas for your search.


IPHONE Tips & Tricks


I came across this blog that provides consumer information about iphones and the plans that are offered by the cellphone carriers. You can find it on the net at

Cell Bill Too High? Tips to Save $$$


Who hasn’t had a cell bill come through the mail slot that is hard to swallow? On a regular basis or when I am shocked into calling, I call my carrier to see if I can make savings on my cell bill. I ask the person on the phone to work with me to reduce the cost of the bill without reducing needed services. I also ask the representative to remind me how much it costs to get out of the plan if we are unable to make savings.

I know that the customer service reps have some authority to give discounts or in the alternative they can check with a higher power. One question to ask is, do you have the discretion to reduce this item? So, together, we go through the cell phone bill line-by-line and I grind them line-by-line to make the cost of a cell phone plan cheaper.This method has worked well for me and I have reduced my bill by approximately $50 per month.

I was looking forward to an online cellphone plan calculator sponsored by the Feds but it was killed by lobbyists for the wireless industry who convinced the government to waste over a million dollars in development costs and scrap the calculator.Its too bad because in the UK they claim that an online cell plan calculator has reduced cellphone costs by 42%.

However, despite the government spending lots of our dough for nothing…. an enterprising Master’s Student in Ontario has developed his own cellphone calculator. The calculator is at and researching this website will help you to compare plans to save money.

Hey… let us know if there are other ways to save money and put up a tip on UNTAPE.


Cellphone Industry Code of Conduct


Man you want to talk about red tape….. have you ever tried to truly understand your cell bill?

I recently read an article in the paper about a Code of Conduct for wireless telephone companies. The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) is an advocacy organization who has the interests of the big cell-phone companies at heart. They have created a code of conduct that outlines how the big cellphone companies will treat their customers. 

If you believe that the code has been broken, ostensibly you can complain to the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services Inc. (CCTS). The CCTS is a "non-profit" wholly funded by the cellphone industry. It might be helpful to use this process and at the same time it is difficult to believe that they could advocate for the needs of the consumer given they could be biting the hand that feeds them.

The Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has authoured a report on the situation that you may find informative.

It perhaps is wise to lodge a complaint with the CRTC  and at the same time with the Consumer’s Association of Canada.

My sense is that the the big cell companies need to be properly regulated for the rights of consumers to be protected. It certainly has been my experience that we get gouged in Canada by the wireless carriers like nowhere else.  If you would like to express your thoughts on the regulation of cell-phone companies you can contact the Minister of Heritage, the Honorable James Moore, M.P..


ICBC and Chiropractors


ICBC has embarked on a pilot project that allows for people injured in an accident to get up to $900 treatment. Problem is that ICBC now requires the chiropractor to release your medical files that they can use against you if you end up in court.

So the tip here is… instruct your chiropractor to black out information that is not pertinent to your current injury and watch him while he does it.


Purposeful Purchasing: Safeway Developing their Disability Confidence


The truth is I haven’t really figured out how to use Twitter for advocacy and at the same time I would like to. I have found some tips of how to use Twitter for advocacy and some more advice on Twitter.I will try and use these tips in the next campaign that comes along.

Also, check out Kevin Grandia’s blog on how to use Twitter generally and how to enhance the look of your Twitter page.

So, what is your advice on how to use Twitter as an advocacy tool?