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Canada Pension Plan- Recieve it early!

You may want to receive an early CPP- at the age of 60 , or at age 65 or even at age 70, depending on your comfort income level.

Should you collect CPP at the age of 60, you will receive a 30% less benefit than at age 65.

If you want some help to look at this give Frank Jetha a call at 604-298-1085


Guaranteed Income Supplement

This is an additional monthly benefit available to seniors who receive an Old Age Security Pension and have a low or modest income. A couple should have an income of less than $31,000 a year whereas a single person’s income should be less than

$12,800 a year. OAS and GIS is not considered as income in the above yearly incomes. Shoud you qualify for this benefit (GIS) then you would get a subsidized bus pass for $45/year.

Again if you need help to take the next steps with this give Frank Jetha a call at 604-298-1085


Survivors Benefits

Death benefits is interconnected with the contribution you made to CPP over your working life. It varies person to person according to your contribution. If your spouse dies you can get up to $2500 towards funeral costs. You can also collect up to 62% of the deceased spouses CPP. eg. if he was collecting $300 you could colletct up to $180.

If there are children under age of 18 they are also eligible for survivor benefits as well. If there are children up to 25 years of age attending school full time they can qualify as well.

Get your free copy of Safe and Secure!!!


Safe and Secure is PLAN’s first book, which contains everything a family needs to know about future planning for a relative with a disability.  Families have told us that it is an invaluable resource. 

We have recently re-written the book (updated and with RDSP info) and the BC Government has pre-paid for your copy.

You can pick it up at your local London Drugs! (check the pharmacy department). 


Free Tax Preparation for low-income families


Free Tax Preparation for low-income famlies:

The CRA has an on-line list of Volunteer Tax preparation clinics and two local sites are  listed below:

1.  The B.C. ACORN Centre has now opened its free tax preparation service for low-income and working families in Metro Vancouver. To book an appointment for your FREE 2009 tax preparation, call the New West office or visit ACORN’s website.

    36 Begbie St.
    New Westminister, BC V3M 3L9
    Phone: 604-522-8706
    Fax: 604-522-8780

    2.  MOSAIC is offering free tax-preparation every Tuesday and Wednesday at their Burnaby office unitl April 28th.  You MUST make a reservation, call MOSAIC Burnaby at 604.636.4712 and ask for Angel.

    The offices are located at 

    7297 Kingsway
    Burnaby, B.C. V5E 1G5

    Phone:  604.636.4712
    Fax: 604 636 4729







    Old Age Security Benefits for Seniors


    Old Age Security (OAS) Pension commences at the age of 65. You must have lived in Canada for at least 10 years.

    The amount you receive is based on how long you have lived in canada. You should apply for OAS just before your 65th birthday, but if you don’t, you are entitled to receive up to 11 months pension retroactively.

     Allowance: If you are between 60 and 64 and your spouse or common-law partner receives the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GAIN) you may be eligible for the allowance. The allowance is a monthly benefit that helps bridge the income gap until you reach 65. this allowance stops 3 months after the marriage/common-law living ends.

    Allowance for the Survivor: If you are between 60 and 64, have a low or modest income, and your spouse or common-law partner has died, you may qualify for the allowance for the survivor.

    ***LTD or BC Benefits (person with a disability-PWD) stop when a person turns 65. People on PWD benefits shoud apply for their OAS benefits in the year they turn 64.

     Need some help with this?!!

    If you would like some help to navigate this area please get in touch with us. Frank (Fateh) Jetha, a member of BACI’s Senior Committee, has assisted many folks to figure what they are entitled to.

    604-298-1085  Frank is available to meet with you after 2pm. Call any time and leave a message.


    Need Information? Check out the Red Book Online


    The Red Book online is a compendium of human services available in the lower mainland of British Columbia. Check it out, it is chock full of information.