Tips on Quitting Drinking


Check out this list of tips for quitting drinking. It is a good start for a New Year!

More Info on Alcohol Addiction


The University of Victoria Centre for Addictions Research has plenty of information on Alcohol abuse for aducts and teens. Check it out!

Have a Problem with Alcohol? Take this Test!


Do you think that you might have a problem with alcohol? You probably know already if you are honest with yourself but if you are unsure take this test it might help.

Beat Your Addiction with Rational Recovery


Another way to get around waitlists for treatment centers is to try Rational Recovery. It is an alternative to AA that believes recovery can be achieved by becoming aware and listening to our self-talk (the Beast).

Rational Recovery does not depend on other people, instead you are encouraged to cure yourself without the help of other people like a sponsor. All you have to do is visit the website and take the crash course on the Addictive Voice Recognition Technique (AVRT). The founder of Rational Recovery claims that you can quit now and forever. Give it a try if substances are negatively affecting your life.

Overcome Your Addiction Go to AA/NA/MA


In the New Year people often think about erradicating the nasty habits that they have picked up over the years. One way to deal with these issues is to go to a treatment centre but often there are waitlists.

So if you have a problem with alcohol and need to get started right away try going to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Follow the link to their website to get information and find out where and when the meetings are. People who attend AA depend on the support of others and is perhaps the cheapest form of group therapy. AA follows a twelve step program to recovery and starts with admitting you are powerless over your addiction.Check out all the Twelve Steps by reading the online Big Book.

If your problem is with drugs you can go to Narcotics Anonymous (NA) or Marijuana Anonymous (MA). Good luck and keep coming back…

Need Information? Check out the Red Book Online


The Red Book online is a compendium of human services available in the lower mainland of British Columbia. Check it out, it is chock full of information.