Bookmarking tips

If you’re a registered user here on Untape, you can create a personal list of your favorite tips right inside your user account. This list of bookmarks lets you easily access the tips you find most useful or insightful. Here’s how it works.

Adding Bookmarks
1. Login to Untape. If you don’t have a user account, you can sign up – it’s free and easy.

2. Browse the site to find your favorite tips.

3. Underneath the title of a tip you like, find the link to ‘add to my bookmarks’. Click this link to bookmark the tip. And that’s it!

Viewing your bookmarks
1. Login to Untape.

2. Head to the ‘my Untape‘ page. If you’re not already there, click on the ‘myUntape’ button along the top of any page to reach it.

3. There are three sections of the myUntape page: ‘my biography’, ‘my tips’, and ‘my bookmarks’. ‘My bookmarks’ will show up directly underneath the ‘my tips’ section as soon as you’ve added some bookmarks.

All your bookmarked tips will show up here, along with information about their author, recent replies/comments, date, and an option to remove the item from your bookmarks. To visit any of these bookmarked tips, simply click the title of the tip.

Removing bookmarks
There are two ways to remove a bookmark from your list:

  • Log in & visit the ‘my Untape‘ page. Scroll down the page until you reach the ‘My Bookmarks’ section. Find the bookmark you want to remove, and click ‘remove from my bookmarks’. Although the bookmark will not disappear immediately, the next time you visit the page it will be gone.
  • Log in & locate the tip you’d like to remove. Near the top of the tip, where the ‘add to my bookmarks’ link was previously, there’s now a link called ‘remove from my bookmarks’. Click this link to remove the tip from your bookmarks.

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