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CO-OP Housing


Co-operative Housing is a great alternative to a traditonal rental situation, whereby, you have a landlord.  Co-op’s create a "close knit" and family-oriented living environment where everyone knows one another and participates in maintaining and operating the building.  The participation time which is required is minimal.  Applicants & families must go through an interview and other screening including a credit check.  A one-time lump sum of money called shares is also required and is refundable when you move out.

For my handicapped brother and I it has been a wonderful quality of life and alternative to a traditional rental.  Everybody knows you ,holds the door open for you and is there if you have an emergency.  We have resided in one for over five years now and I would highly recommend it.

Check out the website for further information. 


Handydart Service – Greater Vancouver


Effective January 1st, 2009 Translink/Greater Vancouver Transit Authority restructured the local handydart system and awarded the operating contract to a new company.

 The new phone # to book trips and for customer service/inquiries is:  (604) 575-6600.  (You will be required to quote a client # each time you call in for a trip booking)  Lori & Paul

Representation Agreements


Having a Representation Agreement in place has made day-to-day matters for my handicapped loved one so much easier to manage. 

This had included dealing with systems and processes such as:  government offices, civil legal, medical, financial, housing, applications, etc.

It is easy to put in effect and affordable.   We would recommend it to any family who has a loved one with a disability or senior citizen. 

For further information contact:

Representation Agreement & Resource Centre (RARC) or Nidus Registry, 411 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver, BC   V6B 1X4

Phone:  (604) 408-7414