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Bed bugs – Clean your vacuum well!


Bed bugs can live up to 18 months.

When you have a pest control company spraying they can hide deep into crevices and under the walls. 

If you have been using a vacuum to clean and then find you have bedbugs, you now have a vacuum cleaner that is contaminated.  You have to give it a thorough cleaning.  You need to get an old toothbrush, pipe clears,  toothpicks, Q-tips, and tear down the vacuum. Clean your wheels, remove the disposable bag and throw it out, clean the beater bars and all tubes of all debris.  

If this is too big of a chore you the next best thing is to remove the bag.  Purchase a commercial pest strip and place it in a large heavy garbage bag then put the vacuum cleaner in the bag with the hoses and leave everything in the bag for as long as you can.  This will kill all of the eggs and adult insects. It takes time for the insecticide to go through the long hoses to complete the job.  

You can put some things in the freezer to kill the eggs and the adults. It is not cold enough outside in Vancouver to kill these insects.  If it is hovering around 0 C to -10 C it may take anywhere from 2 just 3 weeks to kill them.  If your furniture and mattresses are in good shape you do not have to throw them out.  Mattresses and box springs can be covered in a dust mite cover.

Lyle Attfield


Sooke BC 

Engaging your Employees


Employers are moving away from the old management style of "command and control" to engaging their employees.  Studies have shown that engaged employees are 40% more productive than other employees and have a higher level of emotional committment.  This goes a long way in ensuring consistency in the care of your family member!

Perhaps that next time you want something done at a home, try engaging the employees by building a vision of what you’d like for your son or daughter in the future and ask the staff how they can help contribute to your vision.  If you consistently apply this you’d be surprised at the increased level of committment and productivity.

Top 10 things that engages employees:

1. Achievement

2. Recognition

3. The work itself

4. Responsibility

5. Increased responsibility

6. Growth

7. Salary

8. Relationships at work

9. Working conditions

10. Security

You may not be able to do all of these but try out a few over the next couple of months and see.  Lead the way!