Where to find Apps!


Need to find a few good sites to help you find the appropriate applications to use with your child with special needs? 

Here are a few highly recommended sites that review and comment on both the best apps and the new apps:

I Education Apps Review: A community effort to grade educational apps.  http://www.iear.org/

SpeechTechie: Simple and interactive technologies you can use in language lessons and intervention. http://www.speechtechie.com/

Speech/Language Pathology Sharing:  How to use modern technologies to facilitate learning of speech-language skills and prepare students with the skills and technologies for their futures. http://slpsharing.com/about/

Moms with Apps:   A group of individual, independent, family-friendly developers who share best practices on making and marketing mobile apps. http://momswithapps.com/

iPodsibilities:  One teacher’s thoughts on using iPods and iPads in the classroom.  http://web.me.com/meg.wilson/iPodsibilities/Home.html  

See in particular special ed apps:


Geek SLP:  A good source for apps and speech therapy technology. http://www.geekslp.com/


General Education Links and Resources:

CAYA:  Communication Assistance for Youth and Adults. Provincial
government agency that provides augmentative communication assistance in
BC.  http://www.cayabc.org/default.shtml  Also check out the SetBC resource list: http://www.setbc.org/lcindexer/

FreeTech4Teachers:  Free Resources and Lesson Plans for
Teaching with Technology.  This is a generic education site with great
FREE ideas and downloads to help you use technology better.  http://www.freetech4teachers.com/

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