Summer Internet Safety Tips


You just know the kids will spend way too much time on-line over the
summer, but do you know some of the things you should be aware of to
help keep them safe?

I have found a few places to help you think about what you and your
family’s needs really are and perhaps help you to start a conversation
with your child about how they use the internet.

Internet Safety Advice from another parent:

Geek Dad on
The Geek Dad blog is "raising the geek generation 2.0".  You will find
reviews of filtering software and security products as well as the
common-sense advice parents can really use.  The guys also really like
cool toys and new apps so there is lots to have fun with here too.  See
the post:  5 Steps to a Family-Safe Internet

Internet safety advice from an organization specializing in the family and parenting:

The Internet Suvival Guide for Parents:
From the organization Common Sense International, you will find basic
information about all the various types of communication on the internet
from on-line gaming to email to social networking sites.  What are
they, and how do they work, as well as some safety tips for families. 

What parents need to know about Cyberbullying:

Define the Line:
Clarifying the Blurred Lines between Cyber-bullying and Socially
Responsible Digital Citizenship. This thought-provoking Canadian site
explains the issue in plain language and includes some video vignettes
for both adults and youth.  This is not a “how to deal with cyber-bullying” website because there are no
quick fixes but this website can help you make informed choices.

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