Qualified Medical Practitioners now have additional assistance via video explanations


CRA has added to their video collection, completing the full set of video’s about each of the different types of disability criteria.  These video’s are posted under the information available for qualified medical practitioners, look under the different types of medical conditions as this link:


Tip:  the criteria for disability is either the inability to function, all or substantially all of the time, as in 90% or more for a marked restriction … OR that it takes an inordinate amount of time to complete a function. 

If the patient doesn’t meet the marked restriction test, review for cumulative effect, as the effect of the impairment must meet a test of significant restriction, which equates to a marked restriction when two or more impairments are evident.  Cumulative effect is effective from the year 2005 forward and certification may be provided by physiotherapists in some cases, or certification by a combination of QP’s may be required.

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