Free On-Line Software for students and people with simple tax returns


I have always found TurboTax (previously known at QuickTax) easy to use and if you are a student or have a simple tax return, you can use the on-line version for free:

Do you Qualify to use the free version?*

TurboTax now offers 2 totally free ways for many Canadians to prepare
their taxes: TurboTax Free Online Edition and TurboTax Student Online
Edition. Find out if you qualify to use either solution here.

You can use TurboTax Free Online Edition if:

  • You Earned Income: You receive T-slips, like T4s & T4As. You may have have tip income and/or pension income.
    • You are not self-employed. 
    • You do not have investment income or RRSPs.
    • You have not made any charitable donations or investments.
  • You Have Simple Deductions: You receive only ‘standard’ federal & provincial deductions.

TURBOTAX STUDENT ONLINE EDITION – For Post-Secondary Student Tax Returns
You can use TurboTax Student Online Edition if:

  • You Were a Student in 2011: You paid tuition fees during the 2010 calendar year and you hold a T2202A, TL11 or its equivalent.
  • You Made Under $20K: Your household income does not exceed $20,000 gross (that is, before taxes).

*This tip was updated March 2012

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