Need access to your family member’s tax records?


You can have the ability to access the tax records of your family member with a disability to instantly find out whether they took advantage of all their credits/deductions or even if they did their taxes last year.

The Consent Form is called Authorizing a Representative (T1013) and can be found at: 

A person can have more than one consent form on their account so don’t worry if your family member has already authorized a tax preparation firm to represent them with the CRA.

You will be asked whether you want Level 1 or Level 2 authorization.  Level 2 allows adjustments to be made to returns so request Level 2 if you think you may need to make changes.

Also, make sure you and your family member are signed up for instant on-line access to your CRA account.  It is called an E-Pass and it takes about a week for the paperwork to go through the system, but you will never have to sift through a pile of old paperwork looking for your RRSP limit again!  Find the application form for an E-Pass at: 


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