Top Ten Interviewing Tips


Many parents inherit human resources professional duties as a consequence of having to provide staff for their loved ones. One such duty is having to interview staff. So, what follows are the top ten tips for a good interview process:

1. Be prepared.

2. Shortlist the top four to six candidates and interview them.

3. Find a suitable place to interview. I have done it at home and in restaurants. I prefer the restaurants.

4. Have good interview questions.

5. Be open with your information so they can give you the best answers.

6. Be aware of body language, yours and theirs.

7. Have someone else interview with you and take notes (or you can develop a form with the interview questions and space to write your observations).

8. Set the tone. Give them background on the hiring situation, tell them to take their time with the answers and to relax.

9. Don’t hire on the spot. Check references. Call back the ones you have interviewed and inform them they did not get the job. Do not do this until the successful candidate has accepted the job and you have negotiated wages and working conditions.

10. Evaluate the answers given and trust your gut. It is sometimes better to hire someone that is green but intuitively gives the right answers and that you feel good about.

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