Questions to ask to find Quality Childcare


Ask yourself…:

1. Is the center you are considering licensed?

2. Are the staff qualified? If so, you should see ECE certificates and/or Licenses’ to Practice posted. Also, First Aid certificates should be posted and updated.

3. Ask your childcare provider how often staff go for extra training and workshops – this ensures that the staff are keeping up to date and are interested in ensuring that new, creative techniques are being implemented.

4. What kind of snacks does the daycare provide if any. Are they nutritious, creative and diverse? Do they follow the Canadian Food Guide?

5. Does the daycare have an open door policy? Or do parents have to wait outside, or only come in during certain times. Some daycares do not allow parents to visit or pick up early, as this can interfere with the structure of the program. Other daycares allow parents to pop in to say hello or to see how their child is progressing. Keep in mind that most childcare centres will ask parents to not visit or pick up during rest/nap time as this can wake the other children.

6. Is the daycare equiped with fun and creative toys. Furniture that is child friendly? Areas for children to play together and also areas for children to be alone?

7. What activities are offered at the centre? Do these activities promote both social and emotional skills? Are there equal opportunities for gross motor and fine motor related play? 

8. What is the daycares children to staff ratio? Does this number reflect licensing regulations?

9. Are the staff warm, sensitive, caring and responsible?

10. Does the daycares philsophy on childcare and education match yours?




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