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*Updated December 2012*

Many parents – and even some service providers – are unaware that they can find help for their loved one with a developmental disability through the Dental Hygienist for Community Living in their Health Region. There is no referral needed to the Dental Hygienist. The Dental Hygienist can offer advice and support in many areas including:
• Suggestions and tools, tips and techniques for successful dental health in the home to promote independence and reduce cavities
• Recommendations and referrals to Dental Surgeons and Dentists who have hospital privileges in your area
• Recommendations to local dentists who are welcoming to children and adults with developmental disabilities
• The Hygienist will make home visits to demonstrate proper techniques and observe your family member in their home setting.

The Dental Hygienist for Community Living for the Fraser Health Region is:

Nishi Lal-Birdi
Home Health Care
400 – 11762 Laity Street
Maple Ridge, BC V2X 5A3
Phone: 604.476.7124
Fax: 604.476.7126

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