It’s who you know… that gets the jobs!


I read in Bowling Alone by Robert Putnam (2000) that its "who you know" that gets you or your loved one a job. He says that, "there is an impressive body of research suggesting that social ties can influence who gets a job, a bonus, a promotion, and other employment benefits. Social Networks provide people with advice…[and] jobleads" (p.319).

He distinguishes between "weak ties" or our aquantainces in society and or "strong ties" or our friends and families. Putnam says it is the weak ties that provide the most opportunity for jobs.He also says that over one-half of people getting a job have done so through a friend or relative.

So, it makes sense to map out all of the possible connections to see what the possibilities may exist in a person’s social network, family and friends, and casual aquaintances.

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