Involuntary Separation for Seniors


Posted for Frank Jetha, BACI seniors committee (604-298-1085)

When one spouse becomes incapacitated (long term illness with admission to a long term care facility or hospital) and the other spouse who looks after the incapacitated spouse the government compensates him/her up to $400.00 per month for pain and suffering.  This includes a spouse who continues to visit and support their partner in a facility while they are ill or until they die.

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  1. Sandy Labermeyer says:

    Good morning,
    I have a client whose parents are ill and elderly. My client has gone into a home share support situation as he is a person with developmental disabilities. His father is going into care and his mother who is dealing with cancer treatments is in the family home until it sells or until she becomes too ill to carry on. This is a very sad situation. My job is to find work for people with disabilities, but I have become more involved with this case because the lack of supports this family has had.

    Can you advise me on how to get her connected to a resource to help her file an involuntary separation as her husband is now in care?

    I would really appreciate it. I am swamped, we have a huge demographic of need in Merritt and very few of us to meet those needs.

    Best regards,
    Sandy Labermeyer

    • BACI Family Support says:

      Hi Sandy, we do not usually get too involved in senior’s issues. I can connect you with a social worker who works in the Vancouver Coastal region who specializes in Senior’s issues. Just email me at my work address;

  2. Adam says:

    Contact the service Canada office and file an application.

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