Interview Evaluation Summary


This form may be helpful (cut & paste) when you have completed your interview and you want to reflect on selecting the best candidate for the position.This evaluation matches the interview questions in another posting. So, when filling out this form, the person either performed the required behaviors or they didn’t, hence the yes or no answers (of course you may decide that it is unrealistic for the person to know that behavior and can learn).


Candidate Evaluation Summary

Candidate’s Name______________________


1. Health and Safety:

Behavioural Level: Helps with achieving good hygiene and nutrition; is aware and proactive with respect to safety; ensures that medical care and appointments are up to date and recorded. Interpretive Guide: Did the candidate demonstrate an awareness of health and safety issues when supporting a person with a disability? Do they think and act proactively to prevent unsafe situations?

Level Observed: Yes or No

2. Conflict Management:
Behavioural Level: Is mindful about language and its impact on others; notices conflict and picks the appropriate time to resolve it; Actively uses conflict resolution skills; has an advanced understanding on conflict resolution.

Interpretive Guide: Did they demonstrate that they are aware of language and timing? Did the candidate notice conflict and actively try and resolve it? Does the candidate have conflict resolution skills that they use on a daily basis?

Level Observed: Yes or No


3. Time Management

Behavioural Level: Plans ahead, is internally motivated to complete tasks; keeps staff schedule current and keeps staff up to date.

Interpretive Guide: Did the candidate demonstrate that they plan ahead? Did the candidate demonstrate that they are a self-starter? Have they scheduled staff? Have they planned for another person in terms of housing, recreational, medical, and other activities?

Level Observed: Yes or No

4. Use of Positive Behavior Supports

Behavioural Level: Consistently uses picture symbols for communication and scheduling; ensures that devices and supports are used in the community to assist Angela; Knows the elements of positive behavior supports and knows how to keep data; Knows what a Functional Assessment is and can do one; Understands social stories and uses them appropriately.

Interpretive Guide: Did the candidate demonstrate knowledge of Positive Behavior Supports. Has the candidate used PBS on a regular basis? Does the candidate have an advanced understanding of PBS and all of its elements?

Level Observed: Yes or No


5. Community Integration and Friendships:
Behavioural Level: Helps clients to be part of the community and actively promotes friendships with people who are not paid staff. Educates others about the benefits of inclusion.

Interpretive Guide: Did the candidate demonstrate inclusive behavior? Has the candidate helped someone to get a friendship and maintain it?

Level Observed: Yes or No

6. Independence Building:

Behavioural Level: Promotes independence of clients; Follows scheduling protocols to promote independence; looks for opportunities for paid employment.

Interpretive Guide: Did the candidate show that they actively encouraged a client’s independence? Do they allow the person with a disability to speak for themselves? Have they helped a person with a disability get a job?

Level Observed: Yes or No

7. Treats People with Respect:

Behavioural Level: Speaks appropriately to clients, offers choices, does not speak about a client as if they were not there; promotes respectful behavior from others.
Interpretive Guide: Did the candidate show that they have respectful behavior toward people with disabilities? Did they demonstrate that with clients and in the community?

Level Observed: Yes or No

8. Other Role Competencies:

Behavioural Level:
Administers all aspects of household management; reconciles personal and house accounts; Leads a staff team; possesses computer skills to create positive behavior supports.
Interpretive Guide: Did the candidate demonstrate the ability to run a household? Have they looked after another person’s finances? Do they have computer skills? Have they led a team? 

Level Observed: Yes or No



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