One way to cut through red tape when it comes to finding employment for a family member with an intellectual disability is to get involved with familyWORKs.We have a blog or a facebook site for you to become informed and involved.

familyWORKs is
governed by families who are trying to find innovative ways to create
or find employment for loved ones that have intellectual disabilities.

Our Values
believes that families have the power and responsibility to lead the
way in strengthening the participation of people with disabilities in
our economic community.

Our Vision
An economic community that is fortified by the social capital of families and the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Our Mission
familyWORKS is governed by families to help families:
1. Explore ideas to increase the economic inclusion of people with disabilities.
2. Partner with members within the economic community.
3. Create economic inclusion plans and put those plans in motion.
4. Share our lessons and successes with others.

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