My Son Josh.

He is almost 20 and I am having a heck of a time getting information about what he is entitled to. For about three years now I have been trying to get assistive software to help teach him to read and write. He is capable of much more than he has shown, and I believe this software would help him significantly. During his last couple years at school no one ever did anything with him. I gave them ideas for little outings (walking, scavenger hunt, etc). I basically gave them lesson plans, nothing was ever done, and now he is suffering for it.My husband is in a high position in his department in our local district and had done a work program through school the last couple years with Josh. Never had any problems. Now, that it isnt through school and management staff has changed, they need some kind of paper work (?) in order to continue. And the Union has to be satisfied that Josh isnt taking away someone elses job. Which is not possible. I dont know what to do anymore. I have bi-polar w/ moderate depression and major anxiety, and my 15 year old daughter has ADHD (off the charts) w/anxiety and a small mood disorder.Anyway, I hope that maybe I can find some solutions or tips and maybe from all of my experiences I can help others. J

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