E-Advocacy: Blogging


Using a blog is another method of e-advocacy. Blogs are easy to set up and they are free (for the most part).It takes a bit or work to write content to get started but the more people you have involved the better your site will be.

I like WordPress because it is easy to use and very flexible in terms of the look that you want. There are other blogs that you can use like Blogger or a whole host of free blogging sites.

When setting up your blog choose a good title that captures the keywords.

Also, style your url so that it has some keywords in it. For instance, if your campaign is directed towards Gordon Campbell your url could look like this… http://www.gordoncampbellunderfundskids.wordpress.com

People often google themselves and when they do a url like the one above may get their attention. 

Your first paragraph is important in terms of ensuring that relevant keywords are present. There are many considerations for good search engine optimization.


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