Cuts Affecting Children with Disabilities


Aside from the cuts to Autism funding there are also cuts to Infant Development Programs (IDP) at the Provincial Child Development Offices. Some say the IDP cuts are more about control rather than a fiscal requirement.

At the same time, children with intellectual disabilities who need services and support are being moved from CLBC to MCFD. I understand that MCFD is not ready and they are not funded for the influx of children.

Even Special Olympics suffered a cut in the grants it usually gets. Its quite a contrast in British Columbia…5 star hotels for Olympic poobahs and cuts to Special O…

All of this is not good news for families who need to access supports for their loved ones….

As a result of the cuts, parents and families are coming together to oppose the cuts. I know of one facebook group set up to protest the cuts to Autism funding and I know that one will soon be developed to deal with cuts to IDP (check back, I’ll post the link as soon as it becomes known). Not unlike the End the Waitlists Now campaign, parents seem very determined to push back against inadequate funding for people with developmental disabilities

To read more about the IDP cuts see BCACL’s press release. Also, here is a facebook post that provides more analysis of the cuts that affect children.


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