Workplace Emergency Planning for Employers


Making the worksite safer for all employees:
• Employers need to walk through, with their employees who have disabilities, to understand their needs during an emergency
• Look for hazards in the work place that might injure any workers, such as boxes that are stacked too high or objects obstructing the walk way
• Having a designated person to check for hazards and how they will be addressed, and reporting hazards on a regular bases
• Always have a fully stocked emergency supplies


Having clear and understandable emergency communication:

• When making emergency plans, employers need to understand the needs of person’s with hearing and visual impairments, physical restrictions and mental disabilities
• They need to provide one-on–one training for people who need it, examples might be persons with hearing and visual impairments
• Install and provide different types of communication devices such as visual alarms for people with hearing disabilities
• Provide Braille signage and maps for persons with visual disabilities
• Provide picture books of emergency procedures for workers with cognitive disabilities

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