Who do I Talk to About Red Tape in Social Services?


The person responsible for red tape is Rick Thorpe, Minister Responsible for Regulatory Reform. My sense is that the Business Community gets most of the attention but we should keep the Government aware of the need for regulatory reform within the social service sector. Maybe if they here from people it will eliminate the hoops people have to jump through to get services. To contact Mr. Thorpe e-mail him at Leah.Davidson@gov.bc.ca

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  1. Kevin Lusignan says:

    MEIA’s requirement that a person who has a permanent disability has to prove to the Government every year that they are not able to work is silly.

    These reviews are stressful on families and individuals and in my opinion, the reviews on people who have a permanent disability are a waste of taxpayer dollars. I am going to write Mr. Thorpe and express my concern. I encourage other to do so as well.

  2. Richard Faucher says:

    Hi Carol!

    Thanks for the information…



  3. Carol Stinson says:

    This ministry has been rolled into the Ministry of Community and Rural Development (formerly Ministry of Community Services) and has quietly "passed away".

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