What if the Police are not Taking my Complaint Seriously?


When crime crosses your path (especially serious crime) you hope that the police will take your complaint seriously and take action. However, sometimes that does not happen and you are told that nothing can be done. A police force is a bureaucracy and so the stratgey of going up the chain of command is still a good one. When I have had issues getting service I have done the following with some success:

1. If you are shut down at the front counter by civilian staff then ask for the Staff Sgt. in the area that concerns you (ie theft, serious crimes etc.). You can do this in the moment or you can leave and call by telephone and ask for someone in higher authority.

2. Write a letter to the Officer in Charge (OIC) and ask for a meeting. Or in the alternative ask for a written reply to your concern.

3.If you are not getting service from the RCMP or a Civic Police force then call the Mayor’s Office. In cities where the RCMP do the policing they are contracted by the city and therefore pay the bills. This gives the City influence over policing matters.

Who else has strategies that work? Let’s hear from you….

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