What if I am a Victim of Crime?


If you are a victim of crime and if you have been injured you may be eligible for benefits under the Victims of Crime Act. The following benefits may assist the victim to recover from the injuries they have received:

# medical or dental services or expenses
# disability aids
# vocational services or expenses
# repair/replacement of damaged or destroyed personal items (not stolen property)
# vehicle modification or acquisition for disabled victims
# maintenance for a child born as a result of the prescribed offence
# lost earning capacity
# prescription drug expenses
# counselling services or expenses
# protective measures, services or expenses for high risk victims
# home modification, maintenance or moving expenses
# homemaker, childcare or personal care services or expenses
# income support
# transportation and related expenses

Our family has been touched by crime and the benefits from this program has been instrumental in recovery. As with all Government entities, attention must be paid to ensuring that all forms are completed and the right information gets to the decision makers.For more information go to the Crime Victim’s website.

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