What do I do if my telephone calls are not being returned?


This has happened to me more than once when advocating. First, I try to be patiently and politely persistent leaving more than one message or e-mail. Of course, I make a note of this in the file with respect to time and date. If after a reasonable effort and the person has not returned my call I do the following:

    * I check with the receptionist to make sure that they are at work and not sick or on holidays.
    * I find out who the person reports to and get the contact information.
    * I then go over the person’s head and call the person’s supervisor (or write a letter/email) and tell them that I have not been able to get my calls returned and that perhaps I should deal with them on the issue. I remind them that an acceptable standard within public service is to have your calls returned within a day or two. I find that after I do that I get my calls returned

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