Voting Tips for People with Disabilities

  • Election Canada has also posted a new webpage for voters with special needs.
  • Click on "Voters" on the first page and it will take you to the section called "Voters with Special Needs." Check it out!
  • Election Canada has prepared many forms and information materials in different formats. The formats include large print, Braille and plain language.
  • The Webpage has voting information, describes services available and links to organizations.
  • There also is a study kit which helps adults learn more about what’s happening during the election (for example…what are some of the key issues,  how to sign up to vote, etc).
  • There also is a revised voting template to help people with visual impairments.

One Response to Voting Tips for People with Disabilities

  1. Kevin Lusignan says:

    Thanks Tanya, excellent tip. I would also suggest that you take the rules with you as I have run into roadblocks at election time when I have tried to take my children to vote. I stood my ground and they were allowed to vote but it was not pleasant. I think not everyone has been trained to know the rules. If you run into trouble ask for the supervisor.

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