Virtual Rally Brings People Together


Families are angry and frustrated about the large waitlists for service from Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) and the Ministry of Child and Family Development (MCFD). It is now estimated that there is 2500 adults and thousands of children with disabilities waiting for support that people need to function in the community and to relieve the pressure on families.

The waitlists are not new. We have been talking about them for many years. The difference now is that the waitlists are longer and the system has never been more convoluted and perverse – ask any parent trying to get support for their family member.

We have been polite so far – waiting to see what the creation of CLBC would mean and having faith in what seemed to be the good intentions of the new government. But enough time has gone by without adequate support for people with disabilities. It is time for change.

A coalition has formed of very determined parents, parent groups, agencies and advocates from across the province around the issue of the waitlists for people with intellectual disabilities. We have been meeting and we have agreed that we would campaign to get the issue of waitlists addressed in the Provincial Budget in February.

For more information go to the Waitlist Campaign blog or join the facebook group End Waitlists Now

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