Tons of Parenting Tips and Resources



  • Attachment Parenting Canada

This website provides parents with evidence-based information regarding how to best deal with their children 

Unfortunately, the BC chapter does not currently have any contact persons on its website.


  •  Bandaides and Blackboards

This is a really cool site for children who are growing up with medical problems and their families.  There are all sorts of connections to other websites. The adult section has a lot of stories of parents of children with special needs
describing their journeys with their special children. The child
section has stories of children talking about being teased and telling
or not telling their friends that they have a special need. There is
also a teen section. This is a truly amazing website.

  • BC Family Resource Programs

106-2590 Granville street, Vancouver, BC, V6H 3H1

Phone: (604) 738-0068, Fax: (604) 738-0058

This website introduces you to community based family resource programs. It mainly seeks to strengthen and empower families within their communities. It
aims to help families offer children the best for optimal development.


  • BC Ministry of Education

This is the BC Ministry of Education’s main website for main disorders. It has a lot of useful tips and strategies for classroom teachers, for many types of


  • BC Ministry of Education’s IEP Site

This site is part of the ministry’s special education division. It tells you
everything you ever wanted to know about IEPs. It tells you what they
are, why they are used and gives you samples of IEPs as well.


  • Children first

This is a website that aims at helping BC families with small children
through a number of initiatives. Although it does not provide direct
services, it can help families get services that are identified by
community planning


  • The Council for Exceptional Children

This is the official website of the council of exceptional children. It has a lot of resources for special and regular education teachers. Unfortunately, some of the resources are only available to members.

  • The Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS)

This is a website from the University of Oregon Center on Teaching and Learning. It describes
what children at different ages need to know in order to be proficient
readers. It also provides a lot on information on reading efficiency.


  • Empathic parenting

This is a Canadian-based website that provides information and advice on how to best
parent your child. It also offers a FREE online parenting course and
has links to other useful websites.


  • Exceptional Parent Magazine

This website provides information, support and encouragement forfamilies of children with special needs, and the professionals who work withthem. You have to sign in once and then you can access all sorts of information


  • Family support institute

The institute has a province-wide network of families who offer parent-to-parent support to parents of children with disabilities.  Don’t forget to check out the borrowing library.

  • Family village

This website is a global community of disability-related resources:

Based in Wisconsin, it has information on just about every condition one can think of. For
each condition, there are resources that include websites and phone
numbers. Although many of these resources are US based, quite a few are
Canadian based. It also tells you where to go to chat with people who
may have or who may know someone who has the disability you are


  • Fussy baby

This website is quite useful to any parent of a small child. It contains information about
fussy babies and offers useful tips to parents as to how they can
handle their fussy baby. This website has a discussion forum for
parents and others who deal with fussy babies. It also connects you to
other websites that might be of use to you.


  • The natural child project

This is a great website for any parent. It offers a lot of advice and information about raising healthy children


  • Pediatric psychiatry pamphlets

This website presents
basic information about different kinds of disorders, their definitions
and characteristics, as well as some rating scales.


  • Special education technology-British Columbia

This website is all
about technology and how it can assist students with different types of
special needs. Parts of this website are still under construction, but
when they become available, students will different types of special
needs and educators will be able to access digital or alternate formats
of the BC school curriculum.


  • Washington Learning Systems

This is a great
website that has a lot of useful and user-friendly information about
child development. It also has a lot of material, activities and
checklists that you can download for free.

For parenting tips in different languages go to the Parents Matter website.



This website contains
great resources for children with special needs. You can request a free
catalog and there is also an online catalog. It has just about any type
of accommodation for a child with special needs you can think of

 Center on the social and emotional foundations for early learning

This is a Vanderbilt
university website. The site contains tons of information about social
and emotional development and their relationship to successful early
learning. It offers a lot of material that can be downloaded and some
of this material is available EN ESPANOL. It also has a lot of videos
that we can actually view FREE OF CHARGE. The site also has several
chat rooms that one can join.

 Dragonfly toy company (Canada)

Website under construction

 The drive for Rebecca

This website has a lot
of encouraging words for parents of children with special needs. It
also offers practical tips and advice on how to keep one’s sanity, find
good child care, a good babysitter… it offers stories of people with
children with special needs. Flaghouse inc (Canada)

This is another website that has a lot of material and equipment for children with special needs


Nice website about
inclusion and what it really means. It has a lot of online resources
and a lot of information about books, DVDs, videos and articles all
about inclusion

The incredible years

This website has lots
of really cool resources for parents and especially for teachers. There
are a lot of materials and resources and information that we can all

ODIN books1110 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6H 1G5 Phone: (604) 739-8804 OR TOLL FREE 1-800-223-6346 Fax 604-739-8874 This
local bookstore has an amazing collection of education, special
education, psychology, child development and early childhood education
resources. Their only problem is that their books and other materials
are quite pricey.


This is a great
website. It has a great catalog that you can order and have delivered
to your door. It has lots of material and equipment and toys for just
about any developmental area you can think of.

National early childhood transition center

I believe this is an
important website. Transition issues have often been reported by
parents of children with special needs as a major hassle. This website
provides a lot of tips and ideas and recommendations on how to make
transitions easier on both parents and children. It also has a list of
videos on school transitions. The only downside is that it might be
more geared toward professionals than it is toward parents.

Pocket full of therapy

This website also has
great resources for toys and equipment. This site has a great bonus:
you can actually send an email to a therapist, if you have a question,
via their website, and a therapist will return your email as soon as

School specialty supplies

This website offers a
lot of useful materials and equipment for all developmental areas..
They have several catalogs that show all their materials. Catalogs can
be shipped to you for free

Superduper publications

This website has a lot of really cute and nice toys and materials for all areas of development. They ship free to USA and Canada

Toys for special children

This website offers some interesting toys that can foster children’s development

Wintergreen toys

This website has a wide variety of toys and materials that would be useful to all children

 LIBRARIES Autism Society Library

The library has lots of resources, books and DVDs that can be shipped for free to any location in the province, to members only

 Family Resource Library at Children’s Hospital

This is the library of BC children’s hospital. It is accessible to all Family Support Institute

The institute has books, videos and other material available to borrow. The library is located in New Westminster


Library of the BC Epilepsy Society.

The library has books and videos that are available for free to members. Non members have to pay a small fee Library of the CP Association of BC

The library lends books to members. This is an extensive library that has books about every aspect of CP

 Lower Mainland Down Syndrome Society Library

The library has books about various topics that involve Down syndrome 

Sunny Hill Family Resource Center (Library)

The library has books, videos and kits are available for free. Material can be mailed, free of charge, to any location in BC

 West Coast Child Care Resource Center

The center has material that is available to anyone residing or working in the city of Vancouver, and to all ECE students, even those who do not live in Vancouver

PROFESSIONALS BC Society of Occupational Therapists

402-1755 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V6J 4S5

Phone: (604)736-5645 OR TOLL FREE (888) 736-5645

Fax: (604) 736-5606

This is a basic
occupational therapy website that is based in BC. It introduces you to
occupational therapy and helps you find an occupational therapist in
your area.

 BC Association of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists

402-1755 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V6J 4S5

Phone: (604) 420-2222 OR TOLL FREE (877) 222-7572

Fax: (604) 736-5606

This is a basic website that contains information about speech therapy and audiology  services in BC. It also includes information on how to find a professional in your area Canadian Occupational Therapy Association

This is a basic occupational therapy website. It has general information about occupational therapy in Canada.
It also has an “ask an OT” section where you can send an email with an
OT questions you might have and a qualified OT will attempt to answer

 Canadian Physiotherapy Association

This website has general information about physiotherapy. It also contains information about local PT associations

 Physiotherapy Association of BC

402-1755 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V6J 4S5

Phone: (604) 736-5130

Fax: (604) 736-5606

This is a basic physio-therapy website. It contains information about PT and how to find a physiotherapist

School Psychology Resources Online

This site has a lot of
information about professional resources for many types of
disabilities. The main site will connect you to major websites for
every disability featured and will give you the basics about that

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