See for useful links, newsletters, tax tips and a link to a DVD created by CRA to explain to qualified medical practitioners how to complete the T2201 Disability Tax Credit Application Form. 

Eileen Reppenhagen, CGA has been advising CRA on disability tax administration since she volunteered in 2005 to serve on the Disability Advisory Committee.  The committee continues to meet monthly by teleconference with senior CRA officials.

Her work resulted in Box 85 on your T4 which may report your medical premiums paid to private health plans (optional) as the Canadian Payroll Association balked at the additional work…

In addition, T2201 DTC applications are now inventoried and accounted for and processed in record time.

The new RC4064 guide, revised every year to improve it, titled Medical and Disability Related Information includes over 130 medical expenses listing every single expense available, but not how to claim them.  Take care and review the Income Tax Act s. 118.2(2) and Regulation 5700 for actual wording before filing a claim as many require ‘Certified in Writing’ as of 2005 or 2006 amendments (not publicized).

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