Seven Tips for Job Seekers


1. Ask the employer if they accept ‘experience’ in place of formal educational qualifications, if you lack these credentials.

2. If there are any gaps in your employment record which are related to your disability make this clear on your application and include information of other experience you gathered during that time.

3. If there is no space on the application for important non-work experience ask if you can submit it separately, perhaps via email

4. Ask about the whole hiring.  This information will help you to prepare and help you to decide if you need accommodations at any stage. Accommodations might be an interpreter at interview; extra time in an assessment; accessible interview or assessment room etc.

5. Don’t hesitate to ask for accommodations. They are there to make sure you have an equal chance to perform at your best

6. Help employers make accommodations for you – make sure they know what you require and your preferred solution. You may need to help employers, who may be inexperienced, to find solutions. It is in both your interests if you are able to perform well at every stage.

7. You will need to use your judgment on if or when to disclose your disability. Remember, some employers will be actively seeking to recruit disabled people. Others will be less aware.


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