Responding to an Emergency



Responsibility of employee with a disability:
• They should be familiar with evacuation options and evacuation procedures
• They should know who will be assisting them during an emergency
• Participate in emergency drills and know of any new changes to emergency procedures
• Alert security when they are coming to work after hours and when they are working late
• Service animals should also partake in the drills so they are familiar with the emergency sounds and routes.

Responsibility of assisting staff/Employer:
• Need to provide everyone with the same level of safety
• Staff members who are assisting anyone with a disability should be trained on how to assist and communicate with the worker with the disability
• They need to inform first responders when they arrive about the number of persons with disabilities, and where they are located
• Service animals should be also be incorporated into the emergency planning
• The same emergency procedures should be in place during both working and non-working hours
• Make sure equipment isn’t blocking the evacuation path for other employees
• When employees are unable to evacuate, determine an area of safe refuge; these areas should only be used as a last resort; all safe refuge areas should also be accessible to people with disabilities


• When it is not safe to leave the workplace, have a place of shelter; this place should be accommodating to all persons with disabilities
• Communicate with employers on what you require for a safe shelter according to your disability
• Employees with disabilities should have their own preparedness kit such as medication, tire repair kit for their wheelchair, dietary needs, assistive equipment or devices.

Working with the first responders and community:

• Employer must understand that first responders aren’t generally trained in helping people with disabilities or trained in the use of evacuation equipment

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