Private Parking Lot Tickets


I am a very cheeky monkey so I have never paid my parking lot tickets administered by private companies. You see, they really don’t have the legal authority to write a bylaw ticket. That authority is only given to a municipality or a government agency.

Impark and others are private companies working on private property. The can only rely on the Law of Trespass or the Law of Contract. And while they threaten with both these laws the reality is they do not want to go to court because the argument is weak. Yes, they will send it to collection. But my tip is… tell them to take you to court. They’ll back off just like when I invited them to take it to court.

The downside is that you cannot park on their lot until you get a new licence plate.

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  1. Carol Stinson says:

    I just retired my old plates and did not take advantage of this! Darn it!

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