Media seems to work wonders!


CTV did a segment on Accessibility and I was asked if there was something that my daughter experienced that would be of interest.  Instead of acting upon the situation that I was not pleased with, I just went to another McDonald’s Restaurant.  A new McDonald’s restaurant opened very close by to our daughter’s house and the handicapped parking stalls were not only wide enough, but also the rear loading wheelchair lifts opened to oncoming traffic by cars going through the drive in.  I wrote a letter to McDonald’s and they didn’t acknowledge my letter, so I never followed up on it.  When CTV approached me, they went with me to the McDonald’s Restaurant and filmed my daughter trying to be unloaded from her van into the restaurant which was impossible to do.  After the segment was aired on t.v., new handicapped stalls that were wider were installed away from the drive through.

1.  Follow up on a complaint you have.

2.  Media is a very powerful tool. 

3.  People with disabilities have a right to go to a restaurant of their choice.


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