Legal Fees


Some lawyers are known to have the ability to magically create a 30 hour day when it comes to charging for legal fees. Before you get a lawyer to agree to represent you make sure you know how many billable hours will be involved and how much an hour they will charge. Get an estimate in writing.

If you are entering into a contingency agreement remember you can negotiate the terms. Lawyers will charge anywhere from 35% to 20% of what is recovered. Work into the deal a lower percentage if the matter is settled and they don’t have to go to court. After all they did not have to do the full amount of work. Remember, this is a business deal – you don’t have to feel grateful for them just doing their job. Also, know that you can have a legal bill "taxed" which means that it is reviewed by the court for fairness. Often, a lawyer’s bill will magically be lowered so as to obviate the need for "taxing" by the Court.

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