Join a Committee and be Pro Active!


Having a daughter in a wheelchair meant going over or around so many curbs without the curb cuts in them, not being satisfied with the change facilities or the pool chairs at the various pools in Bby., disgruntled at the taxi services and other accessibility issues made me volunteer for the Access Advisory Committee for the City of Burnaby.  This committee addresses not just people with physical disabilities issues, but also the hard of hearing and the sight impaired population as well.  I have learned a great deal by being on this committee and feel that anyone can volunteer to be on so many committees to make an improvement in the lives of people with disabilities.

1.  Join a committee as you never know what impact you may have by sharing your own personal experiences.

2.  Don’t just complain, do something about it by joining a committee.  It’s surprising how much you are able to contribute!

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  1. BACI says:

    Nellie has been an excellent advocate on the Access Committee for people with disabilities. We know for certain that Nellie’s relentless efforts result in tangible improvements for people in Burnaby. Way to go Nellie!

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