Follow Up Thank You Letters


Our daughter made an application to be on the C.A.Y.A (Communication for Young Adults for 19 to 35 year olds with a disability) program and waited for a whole year for services.  They apologized saying that she was still on the waitlist as I kept phoning and writing letters asking when she would be receiving services.  Because there was a period when there was a shortage of speech and language therapists, they were unable to hire and fill three positions.  Finally, she got accepted a year ago and received a DV4 voice output system that has made a world of difference to her that enables her to communicate.  I wrote a letter of thanks to them and was invited to attend the presentation of a 4.2 million dollar grant to C.A.Y.A. by the Minister of Employment & Income Assistance.

1.  Always keep your letters and be patient & persistent!

2.  Writing a follow up "thank you" letter goes a long way.


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