Five Tips to Smoothing the Way from Preschool to Kindergarten

  1. Contact the school well in advance of the time your child will enter. This will give school staff time to work with you to plan for your child’s educational program.
  2. Provide the school staff with information about your child and show your willingness to be involved in planning your child’s education program.
  3. Offer to be a link between the professionals who have been working with your child in the preschool years and the elementary school staff.
  4. Find out about the various programs and supports which are available to meet the special needs of students in the school and school district. Ask the principal and/or school district staff about options available for your child.
  5. As school staff plan your child’s program, participate in the development of the Individual Education Plan (IEP) for him/her. Parents have the right to be consulted on both placements and IEPs, however, schools are responsible for these decisions. Maintain strong collaborative relationships with the school and/or school district staff carrying out this work.
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One Response to Five Tips to Smoothing the Way from Preschool to Kindergarten

  1. Sarah Baumbusch says:

    It is also helpful to have a one page biography (may include photos) of your child that includes things like your child’s hobbies, what their favorite foods are, the last vacation that they were on, who is in their family,  etc. Everything that describes your child as an individual rather then a child with a disability. 

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