Do’s and Don’ts for WCB Submissions


When you have to do an oral hearing you want to ensure that you have a persuasive submission. The following tips will assist you in that endeavor:
1. A strong submission provides clarity.
2. A persuasive submission identifies and defines the issues clearly.
3. A good submission ensures that the evidence, the policy, and the law support the what you are asking for (the remedy).
4. A convincing submission deals with the issues and lack of evidence of prior decision makers by getting additional evidence or explaining why the defiency does not matter.
5. A persuasive submission explains an error of fact, policy or, law or explains why the evidence was weighed incorrectly.


1. Go on at length.
2. Don’t attack the factfinder.
3. Don’t focus on the wrong issue or an irrelevant issue.
4. Don’t just concentrate on the argument. Get your evidence on the table.
5. Don’t ignore the gaps or deficiencies pointed out by a prior decision maker.You must deal with them.
6. Don’t lose your cool or get sidetracked by the other side. Keep your eye on the prize.

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